Stop getting junk mail

Without a comprehensive Do Not Mail Registry, it is very difficult to remove your name from all junk mailers’ lists. The best option is to use the Catalog Choice opt-out tools to help you stop your junk mail:

  • Free Service: opt out, company by company, for free. You can stop junk mail from literally thousands of direct mailers.
  • MailStop Shield: get your name off marketing lists that databrokers sell to mailers. This costs $20/year.
  • MailStop Envelope: Buy a postage-paid envelope for $6.75 and stuff it with up to 15 mailing labels from junk mail. Catalog Choice receives the envelope and processes your opt-outs for you.
  • MailStop Mobile: iPhone owners can download the free app and take pictures of mailing labels from junk mail. Catalog Choice receives the pictures and processes the opt-outs for you. The first five opt-outs are free. Subsequent opt-outs cost $0.40 each.


Use Catalog Choice to most efficiently communicate with junk mailers. Many large junk mailers make it too difficult to opt-out via phone or email directly to them.

It could take 90 days before you see a reduction in your junk mail.

These resources are for households in the U.S. If you're in Canada, visit the Red Dot Campaign to help you cut down on junk mail. Note: in the past, we asked your help pushing the establishment of a national Do Not Mail Registry. That initiative is no longer active.

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