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About Do Not Mail

Junk mail clutters our home, uses precious natural resources, and invades our privacy. Consumers have the right to choose what they receive and to opt-out of unwanted mail. The Do Not Mail campaign is helping you take back your mailbox.

If you’re tired of unwanted catalogs, coupons, donation solicitations and other junk mail, then take back your mailbox – start opting out of junk mail today.

Do Not Mail History
The Do Not Mail Campaign was started by ForestEthics, a non-profit dedicated to protecting endangered forests and wild places, wildlife, and human well-being. They employed protests, online strategies, and national advertising to compile 100,000 signatures on a petition for Do Not Mail legislation. For more information see the Timeline. Also, you can see their Success Stories and Press.

In 2011, ForestEthics passed the Do Not Mail torch to Catalog Choice, a non-profit that helps people stop receiving unwanted mail, protect their privacy, and conserve natural resources. With the transition, Do Not Mail becomes less about legislation, and more about working cooperatively with mailers to respect consumers' choices when it comes to their mailbox.

Founded in 2007 to provide consumers greater control over the marketing materials that enter their mailboxes, Catalog Choice is the world's largest preference and privacy portal with more than 1.4 million consumer members and 4,100 direct marketing companies. By reducing unnecessary mail and phone books, Catalog Choice's free and low-cost services reduce deforestation, greenhouse gases, solid waste and water consumption. Catalog Choice, a non-profit organization based in Berkeley, California, is supported by grants from the Overbrook Foundation, Kendeda Fund, Merck Family Fund and Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, as well as donations from members.